The vacation
I was on a trip to the UK first trans Atlantic trip I ever made. I was seated with a man on the isle and I was so terrified to ask to use the bathroom...I wanted to check the make up and be sure I looked okay. I was dressed smartly in a nice dress and thigh high black lace stockings my dress was riding up a bit I know he saw where the thigh highs stopped and showed my creamy white skin. He was shifting uncomfortably and I wanted to own him and make him squirm. I saw him go for a magazine and I unbuttoned the top of my dress and showed off the tops of my creamy white breast that swelled out and begged to be touched it was showing a bit of the black lace bra and I hadn't realized I opened my dress so much. I blushed a bit and felt my face flush...I reached up to the air vent to turn it toward me more but I was too short he saw my struggle and did it for me. Are you okay now he asked and I said a bit to the right he obliged and when his hand came down he grazed my breast and shivers went through me. I felt myself grow a bit wet...and he was looking into my big blue eyes and I was looking in his brown ones. Are you from the UK I asked him...he said yes, I said this is my first trip. He said are you going to Edinburgh said actually much of my time will be spent there. He said then why are you going to Heath-row first? I said I wanted to see the English parts too...he laughed and said waste of time the best is in Edinburgh and as I am a Scot I didn't disagree. We talked a bit and I leaned forward to take a drink the trolly dolly, aka stewardess as he called her brought to to us. I noticed my dress slipped up more...and my breast were popping out of the dress, I tried to fix it and to my shock his hand stopped me. He said leave it you look beautiful. You are making me crazy and I want you. I barely know you and I want you he said. I feel something for you but I am not sure we can do anything about it...he said wait another hour let's get to know each other and when most of the plane is asleep we can sneak to the rest room and snog or make out. We spoke of everything he asked where I was staying and actually put it in his phone and got my number. We crept off to the bathroom one at a one cared or looked. When I got there his cock was out of his pants and it was huge looked to be 9 inches. His athletic frame looked amazing and he was amazing in his suit but nearly out of it even more so. He grabbed my head gently and put his hands in my long hair and kissed me with such passion. He spoke with a gentle Scots accent but hardly noticeable as he must travel much of the time. I wanted the kisses to never stop and his other hand was going up my dress and a finger inside my lace panties that he some how removed with a skill I had never known and he stopped kissing me and went to suckle on my breast and said you are perfect totally perfect...he was sucking my breast making each nipple so erect it hurt...and also playing my womanhood like he was a professional. I was dripping and moaning he told me shhh someone will hear.
I was struck dumb I couldn't say a word....I needed this so bad it had been so mind was saying this is a stranger and my body was aching for more so much more. He stopped and got a condom on to my relief...and lifted me like I was a feather and slid me on his manhood so deep and I felt my self start to orgasm and spasms and waves of pleasure went through me...I was going to moan and he knew it he grabbed my head again and took control of my lips and as he did he pushed my back against the small wall in the cabin and started to make love to me against that wall with such knowledge of my body I felt myself gush and orgasm over and over again...he then set me on the small counter and I leaned back a bit and he was still in me and played with my clit and kept fucking me so wonderful until he went harder and harder and my tight pussy was about to burst again and he spasmed and shook and I gushed one more time so hard it was dripping on the floor. We were sweaty and I was so satisfied I knew I could sleep the rest of the flight.
We cleaned up and kissed again I left first then him...and he let me lay on his shoulder and fall asleep I had a smile on my face I couldn't erase and when I woke up I asked him if he would get in touch... he said wild horses would not keep him from a sweet thing like me... so off to see what I came to see then off to Scotland where dreams will come true. I can't wait for Edinburgh.
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