Three is Better Company (mff)
I watched those devil like red nails graze my naked breast. Teasing my already hardening nipple. Causing me to arch my back to get closer to her touch.
Her skin was so different to mine. Her skin was so different to mine, porcelain, creamy soft.Mine was darker, more olive, together a beautiful mix of color.

Like deep ocean water, her stunning eyes looked right through me, starting my raw desire for her.

My hands glide through her angel blonde hair, bringing her slim body on top of mine, our skin slid together. It was a bonding of common hunger.

I drew her pouting, lustful lips towards mine, opening my mouth just enough to start a duel of tongues. The taste of lust spattered and caressed, yummy, and our tongues' caresses were driving me to the brink of heavenly desires.

My hands roamed over that delicate body. Seeking out her wants and needs. Groping and grasping. I wanted to please her to make her crazy with lust for me.

I could feel her sex rubbing my thigh. Her clit was exposed and throbbing. I could feel her its pulse against my skin. Her juices were smothering my thigh. She was slick and ready for me.

Her breathing was coming out in lusty wants:

"Baby, please hurry and fuck me. I can't wait any longer. PLEASE"

She was begging me. Her desires, wants and needs were laid out for me to see.

I quickly flipped her over on her back. And my lips worked their way down.

Starting at her neck. A woman's neck has always been my favorite part. It's delicate and fragile. I can bite it gently and see the marks that I leave. The soft curve to her shoulder was begging to be licked and touched.

Then her breasts. They are larger then mine. Her nipples are a soft pink that look like two cherry blossoms. I circled my tongue around her left nipple making it hard. I ran my teeth across it and bit it until it was stiff. She gasped in surprise. I bit harder knowing I was leaving my mark on her.

I hooked my leg around and straddled her waist. Laying my pussy on top of hers. I could feel the heat of her sex breathing in to me.

I couldn't take it any more. I know what she wanted. I ran my hands down her body. I lifted my hips off of her and went straight to her pussy. She was so wet. I jammed my two fingers in her. Fast and hard. Thrusting back and forth. She let out a scream. This only excited me more. A third finger worked its way in. I could feel my cum dripping on to my hand and her pussy mingling with hers.

I twisted my fingers. Feeling her from the inside. Her tissue was slick. I slipped another finger in. My four fingers gave her everything I had. I wasn't teasing her, I was fucking her. Making her screams slice through the sex filled air.

I felt an unknown hand slide across my stomach. A pair of lips traced my neck. I leaned back to feel the presence of a man. His hands traveled up my body and grabbed a breast in each. My head turned to see her husband. His face came closer. His tongue slipped out and he licked my closed mouth. My lips opened to receive his tongue against mine. His moan met mine. I pulled away. As his hands never left my breasts.

The woman that I had my fingers so deep in; had her mistress and husband in the same bed. I know that they had an open marriage but not open enough where I was in between them. His grip tightened making me grunt in pain. Pain has always been the secret to my passion. With my fingers deep in a juicy begging cunt and my tits gripped in a pair of hands making it all the more pleasurable.

He grabbed my thigh and roughly twisted me off of his wanting wife. My fingers jerked out of her at an awkward angle causing her to scream out in pain.

My legs were spread out in front of him. Her honey was lathered on my upper thighs and fingers. He took my right hand and licked my fingers one at a time. His teeth racked down my slender skin sucking his wife's cum of her mistress.

She grabbed my other hand and started to taste her own cum off of me. I had to close my eyes just so I wouldn't orgasm right there. I had to gain control of myself. I felt a hungry tongue drinking the slick cum on my thigh. Then another tongue followed suit on my other thigh.

I was losing control fast. Those two tongues danced and licked me to a passion that was unknown to me. I felt a pair of lips kiss my thigh. A trail of soft sensual kisses worked their way up my body. The lips of my mistress kissed mine. The tongue of her husband was discovering me. Her mouth took over and sucked my lips and tongue until I had to pull her away to catch my breath. She let a laugh leave her lips. As soon as she looked in my eyes I felt her husbands tongue enter my almost cumming pussy.

My back arched to get it farther in me. His tongue was quick and fierce. The force of it hitting the contours of my slippery cunt was to much. I let out a scream that matched my mistresses.

I could feel my contraction of muscles wrap around his tongue. She watched this one in a life time orgasm consume my entire body. His fingers pinched my clit, hard. I could feel him spreading my pussy lips as far as they could. So he could turn his head to dig his tongue deeper in me.

I looked up to see her face. I could see the light pink splashes of kiss marks that I left on her white skin. Her breasts were covered in small indentions from my rough love bites.

His tongue slowed and stopped. I didn't pay attention to him. My lust was to high to think of anyone else's wants.

I was in a daze of desires a woman, a man. A couple that showed me and still had the night to finish teaching me the way of simple amazing, hot sex.

I watched her swing her leg over my face. She mounted my face and sat on my open mouth. Her juices almost drowned me. I had to drink the taste of her quickly. Her clit was hard and throbbing. I sucked and ate her until I could feel her body shake. She was moving back and forth on me. Her orgasm took over and her screams made my body tense with satisfaction.

Her husband grabbed her by her throat and pushed her towards his swelling cock. His precum oozed from the tip and seeped down his shaft.

Her head dipped down and swallowed her husbands cum. As my tongue sucked her hot honey down my throat and settled in my stomach. My nails dug into her ass leaving traces of my presence.

Her grunts intertwined with her husbands. The harsh sounds echoed in my ears, exciting me even more.

He forced her off of my mouth and settled her on her knees with her ass to him and her face by my drooling pussy. I grabbed a hand full of hair and jerked her mouth into my aching pussy. I felt her body bucking. Her husband had grabbed her hips and slammed his hard erected dick in her pussy. He was working his way back and forth in her and then pulled out. He jammed his cock in her ass. His scream followed the cum that seeped out of his wife and dripped onto my thigh.

My mistress recovered and dove her tongue deep in my core. She stuck her index finger beside her tongue. As her finger went up her tongue went down. The quick, harsh movements made my second orgasm take over.

As his dick switched between her pussy and asshole, we came together. Our screams ravished the walls. It echoed back and forth. My hands were gripping her head. Her nails were digging in my thighs.

We slowly collapsed in exhaustion. Her head rested on my lower stomach. His head laid on my thigh. We fell asleep. Our bodies waited for our next encounter.
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