Walking After Midnight

The humidity was thick enough to cut with a knife. Even though all the windows were open with every ceiling fan on high, there was no relief. It was after midnight, she sighed, there was not going to be any sleep tonight. She was restless; she tried reading, writing, chores. Finally she opted for a shower, as cold as she could get it but the moment she turned the stream of water off, she could feel the thickness cloaking her again. Like a thief, sitting on her chest, stealing her breath. She didn't bother to dry off, dressing in her thinnest nighty.

She found herself heading for the screen door. As she pushed past it she paused, she was barely wearing clothing. What if someone saw her? She relaxed and continued to stroll along her porch, down onto the dirt road. She was the only one out here in the middle of nowhere, save John Taylor who lived just up the lane.

She had bought this cute little farmhouse from John Taylor about a month ago. It was old but she thought that was part of its charm. In the few encounters she had with John Taylor, she had learned that it was his grandparents' house and then his parents, before they died. He himself had been born there so many years back. It had been on the market for some time but not because he couldn't sell it. He had many people look at it but he just didn't feel like they would care for it the way it should be treated. It was old but after he had built his place he had renovated his folks while they stayed with him. It still had all the original hardwood floors, the thick support beams overhead and its pebbled fireplace. The stained glass window in the bathroom was just beautiful, depicting a scene of the rolling hills outside and the little farmhouse.

As she wondered down the lane she noticed there were no lights on in John Taylors house, making her feel a bit safer. He had to be asleep; she could hear his attic fan going. Across the road was the horse barn, with its tall security light off to the side it was partially in the shadows. She knew that Snickers was there though. As she approached, he whinnied. He was like the house, old but full of character. As big as he was he could trample just about anyone he became cantankerous with but he was a gentle giant. Darn, she mentally kicked herself, she should have brought him an apple, he would be expecting it. She rubbed his soft nose, muttering to him that she would bring him 2 apples tomorrow! He pressed into her hand, accepting the deal she offered. She hugged him close to her only to realize he began to nibble on the ribbons that ran around the top of her negligee. She quickly stepped back, chastising Snickers when he pulled it free......and ATE IT! "Snickers!!!!" She wagged her finger at him with one hand and held the fabric to her with the other. After a moment of inspecting her appearance she decided it was ok. It looked kind of like a barmaids dress now, although it was.....short.....and sheer.

"Careful, he's a randy fellow." John Taylor spoke from the shadowed side of the barn. She yelped and jumped at the same time. Placing her hands on her hips she peered into the darkness, doing her best to shoot daggers in his direction. "John Taylor, is that you!?" John Taylor stepped from the shadows, straightening to his full height, a red glow at his lips. He puffed out a plume of smoke, "It is, Miss Hope. I suppose you couldn't sleep either, with this weather?" She began to pace back and forth, moving her hands as she talked about how he shouldn't sneak up on people. He noticed she did that but he didn't mind, especially not tonight. Her hands would emphasize the words she spoke while her breasts bounced in compliance. Her hips swayed just a bit, the material thin enough to make his mouth water and his hands sweat. He was trying to pay attention to what she was saying, he really was. Maybe he needed a good pinch; he was dreaming again, he just knew it. Snickers would be kind enough to bite him if he asked. Hell, Snickers isn't the one he wants to bite him.

She knew she was rambling and it irritated her a little bit. She stopped, just stood there, crossing her arms over her nearly exposed breasts. And she gave him that look; ya know the one, the one that says....."the balls in your court" one eyebrow raised.

He wracked his brain, what was she talking about, crap crap crap! "Uh, so how's the plumbing?" What's the plumbing, what is he thinking! It was a fair question though. All the plumbing in the little farmhouse was going to be insulated next week. That should stop the pipes from continually freezing. He remembered the freezing cold showers he had to take as a kid when his dad would turn the water heater off until the pipes thawed, then forgot to turn it back on. Bbbbrrrrr, he actually shivered at the thought.

She saw him shiver and had to giggle. A tough, trail hardened man like him. Use to being out in the weather wind, rain, snow and blazing heat. She did hear the ranch hands teasing him one day about his need for extra soft toilet paper. Oh she giggled till her sides hurt over that one. "It's fine, and I always buy the super soft tissue." The look on his face! Now she flat out laughed. He looked at her in total surprise. Her laugh was so infectious; he had to laugh with her.

He started closing the gap between them. The first thought that came to her mind was to flee, RUN! But she was still laughing and managed to trip over her feet, stumbling and pitching this way and that. It only fueled her laughter. She must be nuts, turning into a total crazy woman right in front of him. She could see herself in her minds eye and a picture of the wicked witch of the west rose before her. With that hideous laugh...."He he he, I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!" He grabbed her and held her close, slowly steadying her. Her forehead on his chest, her breathing evening out. She sighed, "I don't know what came over me, I'm so sor......" He tipped her head back and kissed her. Well didn't that just shut her up. John Taylor deepened the kiss, pulling her barely covered body close to his. She was so lost in the moment. All she could hear was his breathing. All she could feel was his body pressed against her, his big hands cradling her. His mouth warm and fragrant on hers. His tongue had a faint woodsy flavor, earthy and.......the rest was all John Taylor. His hands began to roam lower, cupping each round cheek, squeezing, kissing her more passionately. It was his hard erection pressing into her lower belly that finally broke the spell.

She became fully aware of her situation, embarrassed, she pushed herself free. "John Taylor....I....I!" Humph! She turned and started to stomp off, his low chuckle floating over to her ears.

She made it about 20 yards and her steps slowed. Why was she holding herself back? Why was she denying herself what both, obviously, wanted? Why was she ALWAYS a good girl? Welllll, she stopped, turned and marched right back to John Taylor. He began to walk towards her, meeting her half way, taking her in his arms and reigniting that abandoned kiss. Oh my! It was heated too. She threw caution to the wind, just this one time and let herself have what she craved......John Taylor.

Warm lips sliding over hers. His tongue twisting and twirling with hers. Both trying to consume the other. Firmly his hands glided up her sides, around to her back, one traveling down to her bottom and the other up her back to encircle her neck, holding her tight. Then they reversed and did it all over again. Kissing her with such hunger, feeding his soul. She felt the world tip; the vague smell of grass entered her intoxicated mind.

He kissed down her neck, nibbling her clean, fresh scented skin. Heading straight for her firm breasts, pulling the thin fabric free to expose her. His roughened hands gently squeezed one creamy, beautifully made globe, then the other. She arched her back, begging for more. His tongue lightly flicked a hard, pink nipple then circling around her pebbling areola. She moaned and whispered his name. Her fingers gripped and loosened in his hair, like a cat pawing.

John Taylor stood and quickly stripped most of his clothing. The moment his hard cock sprung free she was on her knees in front of him. She grabbed him and licked his shaft like a melting Popsicle. Sucking in his tip, then further down his rod till she could feel his warm skin touching her chin. Her nails lightly dragging over the tender spot just behind his constricting balls, while her other hand stretched his cock tight. His breathing heavy and fast through clenched teeth. She tasted his sweet pre-cum, letting it slide down the back of her tongue. The sight of her raising and sinking on his cock and her amazing tits giggling almost sent him overboard. He slowly pushed her back...."Sweetness, it's your turn." With that he finished getting undressed and so did she. She laid back on the cool grass, all naked and wiggling, stretching, her gaze smokey and wanton.

He kneeled between her legs; she spread wide, inviting him in. He took the invitation and kissed down one knee all the way to her tendon next to that glistening pussy. He licked her there....just close enough to smell her, see her and tease her. She wiggled more, whimpering. He kissed and licked all around her swollen, wet lips. Sucking in each, nibbling then switching to the other one. One finger rubs along the outside of her weeping pussy, teasing her again. He slips it inside and then another, curling his fingers as he slides them in and out, pressing on her tender, oversensitive sex. His lips and tongue began to worship her clit. Flicking and then licking firmly with the flat of his tongue. Now she was his Popsicle and as her juices dripped down his fingers he licked off every last drop. She was sweet and slightly musky, her scent heady.

She moaned and gasped. Her hands pressing his head into her throbbing core. Her hips rocked upward faster and faster. "Oh John....ohh yesss don't stop....doonn'ttt sstoppp!" Tensing, she gushed all over his fingers cumming hard. Gradually she floated back to herself. He happily licked her and his fingers clean.

"You're an amazing lover, John." "You ain't seen nothin yet, Darlin!" He said as he crawled up her body, kissing and touching along the way. He attacked her mouth, kissing her passionately. The moment he slipped his tongue in, he did the same with his aching dick. She gasped in his mouth. He wasn't slow and easy, his desire wild and untamed. His cock rammed into her slick pussy, faster and harder. She held tight to him, her legs wrapped around his hips, her feet pressing tight against his ass. She matched his rhythm, thrusts for thrusts, squeezing his cock with her pussy like a fist. She looked deep into John Taylor's eyes, letting him see all her lust and desire for him. Quick gasps for air, moans of excitement. She made his cock swell, growing to its fullest thickness, cum filling his balls. He was stretching her, filling her to overflowing. She welcomed the invasion, gave herself up, offered herself........all of John Taylor. She bursts into a million tiny pieces, covering his hard rod with her milky, white nectar. The look of ecstasy on her face and the convulsing of her tight tunnel was his undoing. He plunged deep and exploded, coating her from the inside out. His orgasm was body clenching, mind blowing, soul splitting.

John Taylor lay partially on top of her, both sweaty and satisfied. He pulled back just enough to look into her eyes for remorse or.......regret. All he saw was a woman well loved, glowing, smiling. He chuckled and kissed her again. Slowly he removed himself and fell over alongside of her. She hugged him close, kissed his side. "You're fantastic.....can we do that again!?!" John laughed, "You're going to kill me, Sweetness." He gazed at her, "I want to die in your arms....again and again."

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