We have the builders in - part 4
It was not long before she had discovered web sites that provided a person the opportunity to use a web camera. She had no burning desire to watch men masturbating, though of course there was ample opportunity to do just that - and it was impossible to avoid seeing an erect cock, even if she had resisted it (which she didn't).
She was surprised at how keen men were to expose themselves to her, but the more discerning ones wanted to see her watching, often simply to confirm that they were being viewed by a woman and not yet another horny male - she found the number of men with bi-curious' tendencies unbelievable!
Of course there was no way that she was going to let anyone see her face, but she didn't think that letting them see her cleavage would be a risk. It was very apparent that a little cleavage generated a great deal of interest and she resisted the many requests to take off her clothes and show her breasts, but a desire was building inside her that would inevitably need some kind of release!
Finally she succumbed to pressure, or so she told herself. She didn't just strip, but wore a thin cotton top and no bra, she chatted with her camera on and it was strange how seeing the clear shape of her breasts through the top on her own screen aroused her more than the lewd comments made, but knowing they could see her nipples erect was why they were so stiff!
It was incredible to think that hundreds of people had seen the same view, out of their sight she felt the wetness of her panties clinging to her mound as her fingers probed. She began to imagine being watched masturbating and this sped her quickly to a shuddering orgasm, which encouraged her to take things further!
She decided that her first real showing would be free from the chair and keyboard, and free from fear of recognition. She would cover her face, using a mask she had worn to a fancy dress party, a whiskered cat's face secured with a band of elastic. Her bedroom, especially her bed, was unlikely to be recognised by anyone except her husband. Lighting was provided by table lamps, it would be too low to see any detail of the room in any case.
She spent some time securing the web cam to a chair positioned alongside the bed, but the most difficult problem was the position of the computer. After rooting around in her husband office, she found an extension lead for the USB cable - problem solved!
Although she considered it, she decided she wouldn't cheat by recording and then showing a video - she knew that it just wouldn't be so exciting if nobody was watching her live'!
She'd found a web site that allowed the creation of a virtual room' of people to chat and if it was your own room, you could password control access to the room.
But that wouldn't stop people seeing her web cam anyway and in any case she didn't want to limit the numbers. She would create her own room, so there would be no one interfering, but she would not do anything that would prevent anyone watching. It was so much more exciting, she thought, to know that strangers would be seeing her.
She wasn't afraid of people who knew her seeing her, as she didn't think there would be a risk of recognition, but she also thought that if someone who knew her did see, they would have to explain why they were looking anyway. She also found the idea of someone who knew her seeing her very arousing! If only she could know someone who knew her was watching, but they didn't know she knew (although she was alone, she laughed out loud! All of that was getting very confusing!).
She had decided to start off just chatting, with no camera. She wanted to arouse interest and then forget about the keyboard, switch on the camera and go to the bed. She would read the comments afterward.
She found it so exciting preparing! It was like a first date, or perhaps the date when she knew her date was going to see her underwear, not that it was easy to recall that kind of date!
She showered, even sat at her dressing table in her towels, one wrapped around her body, one on her head, doing her makeup as if she were going out. She brushed and then dried her hair with the hairdryer and then selected her underwear, realising as she did that she needed to refresh her collection. Looking through her underwear she realised she was becoming aroused, she just felt so naughty, especially in the middle of the day.
She decided to keep things simple with a pair of black panties and a matching bra. She admired herself in the full length mirror, mmm not too bad for a middle aged mum!' she said aloud, pushing her breasts together to deepen an already significant cleavage and rubbing her nipples with the palms of her hands to stiffen them, it felt good and her right hand slid down over a slightly rounded belly and she pressed her fingertips to the panties, she couldn't resist sliding her fingertips up and down to create a camel toe....'mmm so good!' she exclaimed and giggled, I better save that for later' she said.
She sat down at the computer and typed the site address into her browser,, logged on and created her room. It was called exhibitionist wife' (with an underscore between the words to meet the sites requirements for room names!).
She activated the web cam on the site, checking all they could see was her bed. It seemed to be a sufficient allure, as the room soon swelled to capacity, she had set it to 150. She knew others could see her video even if they didn't join the room, but she would now wind the people in the room up before she put on her mask and climbed onto the bed. The thought of what she was about to do was arousing her so much she had to fight to resist masturbating furiously at the keyboard, but she valiantly resisted, though she could not resist squeezing her breasts together and stimulating her nipples her with her forearms! Stop that you dirty slut!' she said aloud to herself, and saying that aroused her even more.
The room was flooded with people begging as usual! The promise of the bed was causing a furore and she controlled the room, so there were none of the usual irritating threats of no directing or you'll be booted' from people who seemed to delight on ruining the flow. He private messaging was off, so everyone was begging her to go private'! Why on earth they imagined she would want to do that when her room was call Exhibitionist wife' she couldn't guess.
She announced that she would be on the bed in ten minutes, using a label that appeared floating when people's cursors were over her video. In the room, she typed I'm going to enjoy myself imagining you all watching, I won't be able to see you, or see any directions you give, concentrate on describing what you see and what you would like to do, things I can enjoy reading afterward. If I like what you write, I might contact you some time.'
It was a deliberate encouragement ploy, but she was unlikely to follow up any individual, it was the exhibitionist in her that was driving her now!
The comments were building up to a sexual frenzy, if it had not been a virtual' room, there is no doubt that a massive cum fest orgy would have broken out! She was becoming incredibly aroused by the lewd suggestions being made, there were men and women and some were already on their web cams masturbating, male and female genitalia visible in the most clinical fashion.
She would definitely try to do some of the things being suggested and at one point went to fetch her vibrators (stupidly forgotten!). She had two, one normal flesh coloured and relatively small vibrator she called her torpedo' (always sank her amidships!) and the other was a large vibrating dildo, a huge cock that barely fitted and always needed a lot of lubrication, but was incredibly satisfying. She put them on the bed, realising too late that she would have been seen on camera!
She sat back at the computer and sure enough, they'd seen her, the comments were both lewd and were highly complimentary, but there was no indication that anyone she might know had recognised her! Oddly, she actually felt a little disappointed!
Well, now it was time, she typed it it's time' and it was as if a silence had fallen. All typing stopped!
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