We have the builders in - part 5
She felt incredibly excited, more aroused than she had ever felt before and the wetness between her legs was testament to that! In some of the stories she had read recently she had thought the descriptions of the flow of a woman's fluids down her legs when she was aroused to be an exaggeration of reality, but she was now so wet it felt as if she had peed herself. Her panties and her thighs were wet to her touch.
She slipped the elastic of the mask over her head and pulled the cats face down over her own and, transformed, she slid catlike onto the bed. She could see the screen and see herself, though small and distant.
She had a thought and slipped back off the bed again in as feline a manner as she could. She saw that the text window was scrolling very quickly, but deliberately avoided reading comments. She opened the video to full screen and her monitor was filled with a view of her bed and when she slithered back on the bed, it was filled with a pussy cat wearing black bra and panties!
She lay on her front, facing the screen and it was a side view of her that filled it. The profile of her face was hidden by the mask, which she thought was lucky as she had forgotten that the camera was at the side of the bed when she had planned to wear the mask.
At first she felt a little silly and didn't quite know how to start, but then she thought about the number of people who would be seeing just what she could see on the screen. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and turned to face the camera, turning her head to look at the screen she saw this pussy cat had a deep cleavage, and it deepened as she drew her arms together.
She decided to waste no time and hooked her thumbs into the bra cups, and with a little difficulty as her elbows were supporting her, she pulled the bra down to allow her breasts to pop out. They hung down but as they were still supported by the bra, her nipples pointed forward. She thought it looked very erotic and hoped her audience approved.
She twisted around so that her backside was pointing at the camera, spread her knees so that the camera view was through her legs and pulled the bra above her breasts so they were hanging, swinging, and could be seen from the rear. She reached one hand back between her legs and felt the black strip between her round pale buttocks with her fingers, the material was soaked and as she pressed it, it slipped easily inside her pussy lips.
It felt wonderful and, she thought, it looked deliciously obscene. She had to resist fingering too much as she knew she was right on the edge of orgasm already.
She sat up and pulled off her bra, tossing it away and proceeded to fondle and lift her breasts, massaging them roughly, she tried but failed to reach either nipple with her mouth. She would be able to reach them if she could extend her tongue but the mask prevented it, so she pulled the cats face up above her mouth and this time was able to flick her nipples with the tip of her tongue.
Her left nipple was more sensitive than her right so she concentrated on that one, holding her left breast up with her left hand she licked and flicked it. Her right hand had stolen down to her panties and she was sliding her finger tips along the barely visible strip of the black panties which were deep in the cleft formed by her swollen pussy lips.
She had to stop as again she needed to keep her orgasm from engulfing her, but it was closer this time. She nearly went over the edge!
She reached for her dildo and began licking the shaft with her tongue extended and making exaggerated head movements, she wanted them to know how much she liked to suck and lick cock.
She slipped her lips over the knob end and pretended it was fucking her mouth, she pushed the dildo so it pressed into the inside of her mouth and could be seen bulging from the outside but realised the cats mask would be hiding that.
Suddenly and almost to her own surprise, she dragged off the cats mask and looked full into the camera! It felt so incredibly liberating and so dirty to be sucking a dildo publically and with her identity completely revealed, she only wished it was a real cock.
Now she turned back toward the camera and slipped her feet off the bed planting them on the carpet either side of its lens, she checked the view on her monitor and saw it was filled with her upper thighs. Her panties were a black strip like a road between her engorged pussy lips.
She hooked her fingers, elegant pink varnished nails gleaming wetly, under the black satin and dragged the panties out and over her lips to expose the pink wetness of her aroused pussy completely.
She slid the shaft of the dildo between her lips, from widened pseudo ball end to the knob end and back, the shaft glistening wetly. She did this a few times, avoiding her hooded clitoris, it felt so good and she knew if it touched the wrong place - the right place - she would orgasm. They would no doubt be begging, or directing, her to insert it in to her pussy, her cunt she thought, and she so wanted to fuck herself with it! She said the words out loud,
I think I should fuck my cunt with my dildo,' she said, saying the words made her wish she had her audience in the room with her.
She rested the knob end of the dildo on her pussy, nestling on her soft wet petals, then she began to increase the pressure and slowly the petals parted and the dildo was pressing into her. Stretching her it felt so good, so big, it was filling her. She watched the monitor and saw bubbles in the fluid being squeezed out as the shaft entered deeper and she realised that she could see her face too.
Her mouth was hanging open, she had been so concentrating and so focussed she hadn't noticed and closed it quickly, strangely more embarrassed about that than about what she was doing!
Even lubricated as she was, the dildo was tight, she would not be able to slide it in and out so she left it sticking out obscenely and reached for her torpedo. She twisted it on and it buzzed like an angry bee. She touched her nipples with it, but she was too sensitive to be able to stand that, so she rested it against the inside of a leg. Though near but not touching her pussy lips, she felt the sensation reach her clitoris through vibration transmitted through her body. Then the first orgasm hit her and she saw her hips thrusting, her buttocks lifting from the bed, the dildo sticking out of her.
It was if she were enjoying an explicit porn movie. But this was no movie, this was her, for real, she WAS the porn movie and another wave of her orgasm hit her and another...
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