What I would do with her...
Trying to find a woman to join my husband and I in bed is not as easy as I thought it would be. I prefer blondes, my husband goes for redheads. I fantasize my husband watching me slowly drag my tongue along the curves of her body. I want to explore every inch of her body, tracing her curves slowly inch by inch. I rub my fingers against her lips; she tries to suck on my fingers. I don't let her. I move down her neck by passing her breasts, I'm saving that for later. I run my hand down her smooth stomach, pausing briefly to play with the charm on her belly button piercing, a shamrock. I think how lucky am I? I smirk than, how lucky is she...I grasp her hips and slide down her body, spreading her legs and again by passing her sweet spot. I drag my tongue along the insides of her thighs, I lick the back of her knees, and her breathing is heavy now. I take her foot into my hands and suck a little on her big toe...she moans and arches. I climb back on top of her, straddling her and bring my hands up to grab her breasts. I knead them slowly, grabbing her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, I pinch just the slightest causing her to moan again. I took her breast in my mouth and sucked on her nipple, dancing my tongue around her pink little rosebud. I tease her nipple with my tongue and hum a little, again making her moan... I smile and watch as her frustration grows.
I move myself down her body, I stare at her pussy taking it all in. She was moaning and swinging her head back and forth, begging me to please do it already. I inched closer and kissed her pussy, she gasped and spread her legs even wider for me. Her body shook, and she begged me not to stop, she wrapped my ponytail around her hand and forced me down on her pink little pussy. I run my tongue around her pussy lips, she presses her hips against my face so I am buried in her sweetness. I find her clit and begin flicking it with my tongue. Pressing and nibbling on it back and forth. I suck it ever so gently in my mouth, my tongue still rapidly flicking her pussy. I hear her yell "I'm going to fucking cum!!!" as she explodes in a violent orgasm. Her cum fills my mouth as I press my lips against her wet pussy. I continue licking as she brings herself back. I slide up and lay next to her. We began kissing each other , and then I hear.... "Can I join in?"
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