Wicked Woods
The Morning sun woke me, my eyes struggled to open, the sun shone brightly but I still felt cold, well I was naked. My head ached as I thought back to last night...

I had aranged to meet a couple Id been chatting to on line, I was very nervous but equally exited. The couple were Tania and Andy, it was Tania who turned me on, she was dirty and sent photos to prove it.
Only problem was she was married to Andy, Tania had talked me into meeting for a threesome, I have learnt its hard to say no when your cock is hard, but yer I just wanted to fuck her.

We met at a pub on outskirts of town. They were a bit older than me, Tania was in her 40s slim with big boobs and curvy bottem, Andy was just under 6ft, also in 40s big chest looked like he worked out.

They were lovely people they bought all the drinks. There was just 1 rule I was not allowed to cum in her pussy. Tania suggested we move on. Andy drove and I got in the back with Tania, she was all over me, she pulled my face to hers kissed me, she was a smoker and I dont smoke but I was turned on by just tasting her. Tania started undressing me. She etched up her dress and pushed my face down to her pussy, I did as she wanted and kissed and sucked her smooth pussy.

We parked up by some woods, Tania and Andy sripped off, he looked good I was a bit jelous is cock wasnt erect but was still dangling 6 inches between his legs. Andy and me jumped into the cold water, Tania would'nt get in so we chased her - I grabbed her from behind my wet body made her scream, my cock against her bum cheeks, my hands wrapped around to hold her boobs.
We leant against a tree, we faced each other and kissed, my body was so cold Tania had to bite my shoulder to handle the chill.

Andy joined us and Tania pointed her bum at me and started sucking him off, I fingered her pussy, I held her bum and parked my cock deep in her pussy, I moved my hands and lifted her legs, we had her spit roast style and it felt great, I was ramming her as hard as I could hoping it would cause her bite his cock off.

it was hard work and I was exhausted already, I collapsed on the floor, Tania saddled me which was good but I hoped it was his turn, I was a little dizzy, perhaps I had too much to drink. My cock re-entered her pussy mmm it was good, BUT THEN! Andy sat on my face to kiss Tania, I was left looking at his arse. He told me to suck his balls! I was like WTF!!!, then he grinded his arse onto me and told me again to suck his balls.

This was not what I had in mind, with him sitting on top of me what could I do? I licked politely, this guy was ruining this for me, I thought I was here to please her not him.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on banging his wife, my arse was moving in zinc with her body, her pussy was very wet, and all I could think about was filling her pussy with my cum. I rammed into her hard, she was determined to orgasm on me, she cried out 'remember the rule' I thought sod the rules.

I released my cum and there was no mistaking that I had shot my load.

We all lay on the floor, they were looking at each other, I had broke there rule. I did not feel right.
Tania started to ride Andy, she jumped up and down on him
Tania told me she wanted cock up her bum, Andy's was too big for her bum, she lay on him with his cock inside her, I licked my fingers and fingered her bum, then my cock slowly filled that arse, and we were both fucking her, our balls slapping together like conkers.

As I was on top I set the pace, I had her where I wanted, I cud play with her bum and reach round to her boobs. Her bum was like a spring board as I pounded her Id bounce off and then plunge back in, I was having fun but I had to stop, I watched them fuck, my eyes grew heavy everything went blurry, my eyes closed.

When I woke up my head felt dizzy, my eyes struggled to open, they were covered in cum, my arse ached...ol no my bum was sticky and leaking cum - the bastard.

They had gone, the drinks must have been drugged, I was naked but had no idea where I was. I got into the lake to wash.

I did'nt want to get out the lake, it was my only safe place, I heard a dog and then a women.
The Women looked like she was late 40s, I called to her to help, my cock hidden in the water.

I told her someone had played a cruel trick on me and I asked if she would help me with some clothes and help getting home???

She said her name was Maggie and agreed to help, she got a good look at me as I got out the lake, she let me wear her gardigan as she led me back to her place. Maggie's cottage was only 10 minutes away but in that time we got to know each other, She was 37 years older than me at 62 but she looked good for it.

She lent me some jeans and a T Shirt, I said how could I ever re-pay her? She replied, "don't get dressed too quickly"

To be continued.....

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