I pull the chicken out of the oven and pour the wine.

The phone rings and my stomach drops . . . I know before it happens that "something's came up," or "I have to work late," which I know is a lie, because her work closes at 6pm every night, and she's not needed after. I look over the table to make sure I haven't forgotten anything, then I answer the phone and of course it's her, and she has to work late again.

We talk for a moment and I hang up. I look around pissed, I start throwing everything in the trash, the food, the plates, the glasses of wine. I didn't care, it didn't matter anymore . . . I knew she was lying, I had my assumptions she was cheating. It's not like our sex life was bad . . . unless she was faking it, which is possible because she's such a lying little bitch.

I glance at the clock, 5:45 on the microwave . . . I still have time to go to her work, maybe confront her. I grab my keys and jump into my truck. I arrive at her work and pull alongside the road, watching her walk out from her work. Anger swells in me once again. It's 6:03 on my dash; she's not working late, or is she? I hit it with my fist. I put the truck in drive, and follow a car behind her. That conniving little bitch, I absolutely can't wait to bust in on them. Surprise Bitch! I chuckle to myself at thought. I watch her pull into a driveway and I keep going by. I circle around the block and park. I get out and walk up to the house, hoping no one calls the cops on me for trespassing.

Walking around the side of the house I start peering into windows. Empty . . . empty . . . bingo! And of course her head would be between his legs. I watch as her head bobs up and down and my own cock twitches with excitement. I watch him lean back and I could tell he was enjoying it--it
made sense--the bitch did give good head.

Shaking my head, I lean back against the house. I pull a cigarette out of my shirt pocket and light it. Thank God she didn't come home tonight, after dinner I was going to propose to her. Thank God, I can still return the damn ring. I look back in the window and she was now riding him . . . well that was fast I thought. I watch her body move up and down on his cock, and my own presses against my jeans. Harder and harder she rides him, I can see that he's bigger than me . . . maybe I wasn't big enough for her . . . I ponder the thought for minute, than shake my head, I am almost 8 inches and I know how to fuck, there is nothing wrong with me, she is just a greedy little slut.

I think about tossing her shit out in the front yard when I get home. I look to make sure no one is watching and unzip my jeans. I pull my dick out and start stroking it; I was so hard watching her fuck this guy and it pissed me off that I still wanted her. I hear her moan and he pumps in to her hard, arching her back, she climbs off of him kneeling in front of him, I watch as white streams out of his cock and onto her face . . .

What the fuck, she never would let me do that. I stroke my dick harder, until I feel the urge and shoot my cum all over the side of his house, nothing big but I still feel proud. I look back in the window and no one's there, I panic a little thinking she's leaving and she is going to drive right by my truck. I turn around and collide right into the guy I was just watching fuck my girlfriend, I tense up ready to attack . . .

"Whoa dude, calm down, it's okay," he said walking towards me a little.

I stepped back and raised my fists.

"Why are you going to hit me," he said, "I saw you watching in my window. It's okay, dude, I'm not mad . . . she was hot wasn't she?" he said smiling.

"Yea, she was hot alright," I yelled, "she's my fucking girlfriend!" I started towards him. I was going to beat the fuck out of him.

He threw his hands in the air and stepped back. "I didn't know, she never told me." he yelled back, tripping over his feet. Falling, he threw his hands in front of his face. That made me lose my anger. If he didn't know she was a super slut, who was I to be mad at him? I leaned back against the house; he peeked out from between his arms, and sat up. He brushed off the leaves from his jeans.

"Man, I'm sorry; I didn't know . . . she just told me she didn't want a relationship . . . "

"Yea, she didn't want a relationship because she was already in one." I said and I start to walk away and felt a hand on my shoulder.

"C'mon inside," he said, "have a beer with me, you deserve it dude."

I looked around and decided that it's safe. He opened the back door and walked into a large kitchen. I take a look around, he handed me a beer and we both sit down at the kitchen table. A couple of minutes went by in silence, both of us studying each other.

"How long?" I ask.

"About 2 months," he said setting his beer down.

"Where did you meet?" I asked.

"The club, I've seen her there a lot and it just turned into a thing."

"Oh," I say and drink the rest of my beer.

"Want another one?" he asks.

"Sure" I reply "What's your name?"

He laughs and walks to the fridge grabbing two more beers. "Jeremy, let's go into the living room, its a lot more comfy in there."

He carried the beers with him through a hallway, which expanded into a huge living room; I guess I didn't notice the size of the house earlier. He sat down on the couch and turned the flat screen on to ESPN. We chatted and watched sports highlights, drank more beer.

Why was I hanging out with this guy? I didn't know, but whatever, it just felt right to hang out, but then again, and I was getting too drunk to care that only hours before he was fucking my girlfriend. That's when it happened, when I brought the slut up in conversation.

"She gives good head doesn't she?" I asked.

"Dude" he said, "she does indeed. The best head man . . . she's like a vacuum I swear to God."

My dick twitched at the thought of her mouth rimming my head, how she applied just the right tongue action to drive me to the edge every time.

"She never let me cum on her face . . . " I say, leaning back on the couch so I could casually rub my dick without being noticeable.

"Really?" he said looking over at me, I stop rubbing my dick but I think he's already noticed.

"She wanted me too," I think about that and my dick gets harder at the thought of them fucking earlier. Jeremy scooted closer to me, moving the pillow that separated us.

"So did you think I wouldn't notice the outline in your jeans, impressive," he said smirking.

He set his hand on my leg and moved up a little, looking at me and gauging my reaction. I didn't stop him and soon his hand was on my crotch rubbing my hard dick through my jeans. I tried to adjust a little because the damn jeans were so confining. He leaned over and lightly kissed my neck.

I pulled away. "No kissing." I said bluntly, worried he might stop.

"Okay, it's alright; he unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down, my cock rose seeking freedom. He pulled it out of my jeans and ran his hand up and down the shaft. "Mmmmm" he said.

That's when he took charge.

"You have too much clothing on," he said pulling my shirt over my head.

Soon I was naked, my naked skin felt good against the fabric of his jeans, he had my cock in his hand in a tight grip, his other hand on my ass. Precum was already forming on the tip of my cock. I was pushed to the floor so that I was kneeling; he walked around me and pushed my knees apart with his foot.

"Are you sure?" I said. I could see the hunger in his eyes and I wondered if mine reflected the same. "I think I do," I managed to choke out, my throat was dry and I was trying to relax. I had done ass played by myself but never been with a man before, if my cock could get any harder it did. I heard his zipper slid down and felt the weight of his cock on my ass, MMmmm I grinded against it a little, trying to show him I wasn't scared.

"I don't think you're ready yet," he said and walked away.

I sat up a little, worried I did something wrong.

"Here we go", he said as he walked back into room, carrying a bottle of lube. He set it down within easy reach and stood in front of me. His cock was right at my eye level and I knew without a doubt what was going to happen next. I opened my mouth and felt his head slid over my tongue, deep into my throat. I coughed and gagged.

"Sorry, we will get it right".

In went his cock again but this time I was ready. I pulled back a little and it didn't hit the back of my throat this time, we set up a rhythm and he started to moan. "Mmmm yeah, can you taste her pussy on me?" He asked as he fucked my mouth. He was moaning and I knew I must have been doing something right, I felt proud. "I want to fuck you." He said pulling his dick out of my mouth, he grabbed the lube and squirted it over my ass, he started playing with my ass, and I moaned.

Lightly he took a lubed up finger and pressed it against my hole, he slid in and with and with some heavy breathing on my part, started to finger fuck me. It hurt but the pain wasn't anything compared to the pleasure I was feeling.

"I want to stretch you out a little more before you take my dick. His hand was on the crack of my ass and slippery. "You are really tight, we will take easy ok . . . " he said trying to make me relax.

What he didn't know, was that I was aching for his cock.

"Your ass is amazing, I can't wait until my cock is inside it . . . " he said, finger fucking me harder. When he added another finger, I grunted with the extra width but settled back down into the motion. He reached around me with his other hand and grasped my dick. "You are so hard . . . so hot, " he said.

All of a sudden I was pushed down--my face was against the floor. He pushed into me. I whimpered a little.

"Yeah it hurts, but soon you'll get used to it." He said pushing his cock into my tight ass hole. I bared down against the pain and soon with more lube we set up a swift motion. It still was uncomfortable but no longer hurt. He pulled out and pushed back in over and over again. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, and it felt so good, I wanted to play with my dick but the way I was pushed against the floor made that impossible. His pace started to become ragged, his breathing heavier. "I'm going to cum!" he yelled and leaned back, filling my ass with his hot cum.

He pulled out and turned me over, his mouth over my cock, sucking harder than ever, I could feel my cock twitch and knew I was close too. He took my cock deep into his throat and I took control and held his head down, while I fucked his mouth hard. I went over the edge than, my cum shot into his mouth and he took it all. We both laid there for a minute, reeling over what had just happened.

"I don't want this to be a one time thing." Jeremy said quietly.

"Me either . . . maybe we can work something out?"

At the moment I said that I heard a car door slam in the driveway. Jeremy sat up and said "Oh shit, it's her!" I grabbed my clothes and ran out the back door. Jeremy shouted after me that I should come over tomorrow morning . . .

Once again, I was outside in the same spot, where I was watching them earlier. I thought about watching them again, but decided I better get home before she caught me. I got in my truck and drove home--thought to myself--so what, if my girlfriend's cheating on me, I'm going to be fucking him too.

Looks like I won.

Thanks to GrammarGirl for the corrections, you made my story everything I wanted it to be and more...
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