Woman Poses Naked for Son's Photography Class
It is Wednesday morning about 10 o'clock in the morning when the bus from the Junior College arrives with my son's photography class.

My eighteen year old son Michael suggested to his instructor that they make a "field trip" out to the country and take pictures of me swimming in our pond.

The bus stops down by the barn, then the students start exiting one by one. I am excited about being the center of attention for about thirty of these handsome college age boys and girls, so I run over to greet them.

Michael introduces his pretty female instructor to me, "Mom, this is Kathy." She holds my hand and says, "Oh Mrs Matthews, you are just as beautiful as your son described you. Thin, long blond hair and very nice toned arms and legs. You look like a professional model!"

I reply to her, "Thank you Kathy. I decided to dress like an adventurous middle age woman hiking in the woods by herself. That is why I am wearing my hiking boots, khaki shorts, white sleeveless T-shirt and this backpack."

Kathy asks, "Where is the pond your son told me about?", so I tell her "It is down over there by those trees, so if you want, just have your class follow behind me and take pictures while we walk in that direction."

She tells me that my plan sounds good, so she instructs the class to start taking pictures as I walk away from them.

I hear the students behind me taking a few photos, and one of the guys says, "Michael, your Mom is smoking hot!"

When I arrive at the pond, I take my backpack off and toss it onto the picnic table, then turn around a make a few poses while the students continue snapping pictures.

After a while, I sit on the bench and take my boots and socks off then stand up. With my back to the students, I pull my T-shirt over my head, push my shorts down and walked naked into the cool clear water of the pond.

When the water is up to about my knees, I turn around to face the students and run my fingers through my hair.

Kathy says, "Nice! Very nice Mrs Matthews! You are a natural model!"

I tell her, "Thanks!", then swim around briefly and get out of the water. I walk over to the picnic table and get my big beach towel out of my backpack, then spread it out over the sand and lay down on it while the students take more photos of my beautiful naked body.

After couple of minutes I stand up, then with my back to the students, I bend over and get my cigarettes from my purse.

I hear one of the guys say to my son, "Michael, your Mom has got an awesome ass!"

Kathy overhead what the young man just said and announces to the rest of the group, "Please students, maintain professional behavior and do not make any more personal comments about the model."

I am thrilled that the students think I have a beautiful body! I light my cigarette and walk around to meet them. They keep their cameras pointed at me while I casually mingle with the group and shake their hands.

After a while Kathy says, "You know Mrs Matthews, it would be great of one of the guys here pose with you. Would that be okay with you?"

I tell her I would be delighted, so she looks around at all of the students for a few seconds, then says, "Well, I think it would be best if your son Michael posed with you to avoid any legal problems that may arise in the future even though everyone here is over the age of eighteen."

Michael immediately says, "I am not going to pose naked with my Mom! What would happen if my cock got hard? I would never hear the end of this!"

A few of the guys surround Michael, take his camera away, then push him towards me. I take his hand and lead him over to the beach towel and we stand there waiting for instructions from Kathy.

Kathy says, "Okay, the scenario is a beautiful woman trying to seduce a younger man. She has taken her clothes off and hopes the younger man finds her body attractive and will want to have sex with her. Michael, put your arms around the woman and give her a kiss."

My son and I embrace and just barely touch our lips together for a split second. Kathy immediately says, "You two can do better than that! Remember, you are both models acting for the camera! It does not matter right now that you are really mother and son! Go ahead and passionately kiss each other!"

I whisper to Michael, "Honey, don't be shy in front of your classmates. Just relax and let's do what Kathy tells us so we can get some great pictures for our family photo album. Do what Kathy suggested earlier and pretend that I am a sexy older woman that you have always wanted to have sex with and now here is your chance to fulfill your fantasy."

This time, Michael and I really put on a great show for the students by tongue kissing each other. Michael slides his hands down my back and grasps my naked ass cheeks while I grind my pussy against the bulge in his shorts.

After a couple of minutes, I break our kiss and say to Kathy, "How about if I pretend to be seducing this young man and I am about to unzip his shorts and suck his cock?"

She replies, "Mrs Matthews, you read my mind! I was going to ask if you two would do a little something more erotic, but decided that I better not. Go ahead and do some more acting for the students!"

That is all the encouragement that I needed! I immediately drop down to my knees, yank Michael's shorts down and begin stroking his cock back and forth while I look over at the students and smile for their cameras!

After a few seconds, I hear one of the girl students say, "Oh my God, look at the size of that monster! My God it's big!"

After a few moments Kathy looks at me and says, "You are doing a great job of acting Mrs Matthews! Now, please drop your arms down to your sides and look up into Michael's eyes while his hard cock is about an inch away from your lips!"

I do as she says while the students move closer and take more photos.

Kathy says, "Mrs Matthews, now open your mouth as wide as you can and move your head forwards a little bit so we can get pictures of the head of his cock positioned just past your front teeth."

I hold that pose for a few seconds, then suddenly close my lips around Michael's cock and start sucking it!

I hear a gasp from the students as their cameras are clicking wildly away!

Kathy panics slightly and says, "Okay Mrs Matthews, you and Michael can stop posing for the students now! This is all we have time for today!"

Michael ignores her and grabs the back of my head with both his hands and starts trying to ram his cock down my throat!

After a couple of minutes I push Michael away from me then lay down on the towel. Michael immediately gets on his knees between my legs, grabs his cock and plunges it inside my pussy!

He starts fucking the hell out of me while the students stand around us and continue taking pictures!

I am especially excited about having sex with my son while all thirty of these students are crowded around us taking pictures!

I want to put on the best show I can for them, so I start yelling at Michael, "Fuck your mommy! Fuck her good! She has been a bad girl and needs a good fucking! Fuck the hell out of your mommy! Fuck her good!"

Michael immediately begins violently ramming his cock into me so hard that my tits are flopping wildly around on my chest as I scream, "Oh God! Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus Christ! Oh fucking Jesus Christ!"

After about five minutes, Michael suddenly stops and holds me tight. I feel his cock jerk, then it begins pumping warm sperm inside me. It pumps over and over again for the longest time, then my orgasm explodes!

I clench my teeth together as my body goes stiff while a wonderful incestuous erotic sensation shoots up spine and slams into my brain! Everything turns black and I see hundreds of little white twinkling stars dancing around in front of my eyes!

Michael waits for a few seconds to catch is breath, then pulls his cock out of me and stands up. As he helps me to my feet, the students start whistling and applauding. Michael and I thank them, then we put our clothes back on.

Back at the bus, the students have all gotten onboard and I am talking with Kathy. I give her a quick kiss, then grasp her hand and say, "How about you bring the class over next Wednesday at the same time, then we can do a photo session with just you and me together?'

A few of the guys overheard what I just said and start chanting "Next Wednesday! Next Wednesday! Next Wednesday!"

Kathy replies, "Well, I think the class approves of your suggestion! See you then!"

Michael and I wave to the bus as it exits our property, then we hold hands and begin walking to the house. About half the way there he grabs the bottom of my T-shirt and tries to pull it up over my arms!

I yell at him, "You horny bastard, stop what you are doing right now! Jesus Christ, we just had sex no longer than an hour ago!"

Suddenly, he grabs the neck of my T-shirt and it rips it off me! I start running topless towards the house, but he is faster than I am and catches up to me quickly and yanks my shorts down to ankles!

I trip and fall face down onto the soft grass, then he gets on top of me and holds me down with one hand while he unzips his shorts with the other. When I feel his hard cock pushing between my ass cheeks, I scream at him, "Not in the ass! Don't fuck me in the ass! I am your mother and not some cheap slut! Get off of me right now!"

Michael buries his cock all the way in my ass then replies, "I will get off you when I am good and ready you cock teasing bitch!"

I love when my son talks dirty to me! He is such a good boy!
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