You have a chat request! - pt 2
I nod and take the final sip of my third drink. You offer your hand and we walk straight to the elevators. Your hand doesn't leave my body, but slips down to my hip as you stand behind me waiting for the elevator.

As we wait for the elevator to arrive, you've pressed up against me, with your hands pulling my hips back to you to feel your hard cock pressed against my backside. My neck feels the heat of your breath as you gently trace kisses up my collarbone to my ear. *ding* the elevator arrives. You whisper in my ear..."Your perfume is divine, Kitten..." as you guide me into the elevator once the other passengers get off. You step in front of me to push the elevator button, but when you finish, you pin me with my back against the side wall with your lips just a whisper away from mine. "You're in for a long evening, Miss. I've needed you for so long." "I hope I can please y..." I'm interrupted with your lips pressing into mine. Your tongue pressing deep and exploring my mouth. I haven't been kissed like that in years.

*ding* the elevator announces our floor. You quickly step back and take my hand. Walking down the hall briskly, then stopping to press me up against a room door roughly. My head tosses back into the door, making a loud thunk. Your hands wander up my skirt and investigate my panties. You whisper into my ear. "This isn't our room... just couldn't wait to take you any longer." "Oh God, what if they come out?" "They'll get a surprise..." You said that last part with a devilish grin. You reach into your pocket and pull out the room key and slide it in the slot... "Just kidding, baby. This is our room. But I still couldn't wait to get you inside. I have a surprise."

The room has a medium size box on the nightstand "Several of our texts about your fantasies are wrapped up into the box over there. Open it." I pick it up, and place it on the bed next to me. You hang up our jackets and I untie the ribbon and remove the lid. There are toys and references dating back to our first discussions. Your selections are perfect and you're pleased with my happy reactions to everything. You reach into your back pocket and tell me there's one more surprise. A black blindfold to steal my awareness of what you'll do to me.

"Kitten... Stand up and turn around. I need to get you out of this dress." I do as I'm told and you kiss my neck as you unloop the button then trace the zipper all the way down to the top of my panties. You unhook my bra and slide everything off my shoulders with a firm touch and you offer your hand as I step out of the pile of fabric with just my heels and panties. "Leave those on for now. Your turn to undress me, baby." I unbuttoned your shirt, and you slipped it off your arms, giving me time to push your tshirt up and over your head right behind it. "Holy Fuck, he's hot" was my first thought as I ran my fingers down your chest and to your belt. I was distracted from your belt as you put your hands on my shoulders and kissed me again. You pulled back a little from our kiss and said "Continue." ... and I did. I unbuckled your belt, then your pants, pushing them off your hips. Your boxer briefs were a pleasant surprise, and I could tell they were quite strained with your growing cock tugging the fabric. You told me to leave those on, as you wanted me surprised.

You laid me on the bed, then gently kissed me as you blindfolded me. I couldn't see anything, even trying to see around the sides. You slipped off my panties, drawing them down my legs and then slipping my heels off. They didn't clatter - instead sounded like they were gently and reverently placed on the dresser. I wiggled a little on the bed in anticipation, and you rested your hands on my ankles and said "Settle, kitten." I felt cuffs being attached to my ankles, then you slowly dragged your hand up my body and attached my wrists to the ropes at the headboard. "In case you were wondering, this is why I was a bit late for meeting you. I hope you can forgive me." I smiled and nodded.... wondering where you were going to take this next when I felt your lips on mine.

Just a moment later, I felt the tails of the flogger on my stomach and I pulled against the restraints. I felt something solid and cool between my legs after a few throws of the flogger. My skin pinked up in stripes and I felt your hand on it to settle me. You had the glass cock ready to put inside me, pushing it in and letting it settle inside me. You tucked the jeweled butt plug into my ass as well and told me to relax. I felt your lips on my clit and your fingers pulling my swollen lips wider. You sucked on my clit and what was left of any inhibitions were gone. I squeezed everything that you'd put inside me and moaned through my first wave of orgasm. "Good girl, Kitten. There's more."

Your hands ran up my body again and stopped to tease my breasts. Tugging my nipples, then slipping nipple rings around my very hard nipples. You sucked my nipples through the rings then tightened the screws. "Ahhh, yes. That's amazing." Slipping down my stomach to my hipbones where you rest to watch your girl's breath slow down again. Then you quickly exchange the glass cock for your own and in just a moment you're deep inside me for the first time. Letting me adjust to your size, you slowly retract from me then slide back inside. Picking up speed and then ramming your cock inside me hard. My tits sliding wildly on my chest, the heavy breathing from both of us, and the moaning orgasm when you sent us both over the edge. Sweet God, I asked for a serious screw -- and damn, it was breathtaking!

You slip the nipple rings off of me, and the plug out of me. As you unclipped the cuffs, you kissed up my legs then to my nipples and neck. You slide the blindfold off my eyes and I blink to readjust to the light. I feel your kiss on my cheek as you unbind my wrists then you pull me into your side to rest, completely spent.
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