a night out part 3
she told me to get on my knees between her legs and start licking her cunt. i couldnt get there quick enough. she always tasted so good.i put my tongue right into her hole and began licking in and out. i knew she liked it fast so that's what i did. she was getting excited and said ohh baby it feels so good. i knew just how she liked it. she suddenly said stop. i want you to take your time, i want it to last a long time. sure baby i could lick your pussy all night. i began again and this time i slowly licked her outer lips and ran my tongue aroung them. now and then i would run my tongue right down the middle of them . when i did she would moan just a little. my tongue began exploring into other spots i knew she liked. i slowly went up to her clit and barely touched it with my tongue. barely touching it i flicked my tongue over it lightly. she began to push her mound into my face but i kept backing off as not to get her too excited too fast.suddenly she grabbed my head and pulled it tightly to her pussy saying now baby shove your tongue in me hard, hard. i could hardly breathe but boy was i loving it.she began to ride my face pushing harder and harder. she said hurry lay on your back. when i did she straddled my face and jammed her pussy down on my face. she then really began to ride my face. she said oh baby i'm going to fill your mouth up with my cum, i want you to lick me till i shoot all my cum into your mouth. i could feel her hot juice shoot into my mouth and down my throat. it tasted soooo good. she rolled off me and still breathing hard said allright now i want you to fuck me and i mean hard. by now my dick was as hard as it had ever been. i rolled her over on her belly and pulling her ass cheeks apart rammed my cock into her wet cunt. she pushed her ass back against me as i rammed into her again and again. i knew i wouldn't last long it felt so good. i kept ramming her when my cum shot out of me filling her up. she said dont stop baby i'm cumming too. i was slowing down when i felt her pussy clamp around my cock and squeezed it tight, she suddenly came again, i could feel her cum run down my cock. she fell to the bed and i rolled off her. she said wow was that good. i just want one more thing and she turned around and took my soft cock into her mouth. it was still really sensitive and i couldn't hardly stand it. she suddenly pushed her finger into my ass making my cock stand up again.she looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and smiled. she began massaging my prostate and sucking hard on my cock when i felt more cum starting to move. i couldn't believe it.she looked up and smiled again and my cum began to shoot out of my cock into her mouth. she sucked me till all my cum was gone. i could hardly catch my breath. she came up and whispered in my ear baby wait till next time.
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