caught in the act Part 2
Johnny ask if I had rested up enough to go again.Anything you want I said.He told me that he really would like to see me and Tasha banging one another.Well I did'nt like being watched but if that's what he wanted, who was I to say no.

We got back on thier big king size bed and Tasha was quick to grab my dick that was starting to come back to life and suck it deep down her throat,looking up at her husband she said you like it Baby?He gave his approval by showing her his big hard on he was now starting to stroke.Suck his dick good baby,
Tasha sucked my now rock hard cock with avengence.She lick my hairless balls and licked her way up my shaft and back down again
driving me insane with pleasure. I held her gently guiding her up and down my rod.This woman new how to please.

After awhile Johnny said "fuck him baby" Let me see your cunt swallow up his dick.With that she commanded me to lay on my back,I did as I was told and she guilded my stiff member into her hot wet pussy.She rode my raging cock like a stick horse.Then she got this devilish grin on her face and said she wanted to see something too.We both ask her what it was she wanted to see?

I want my old man to lick my juices off your cock.He said he wanted to see if he could suck some dick,so what better dick to suck than one that has me on it.Johnny slowly reached out and put his hand on my dick and slid his hand back and forth then like a kid looking at a new sucker not sure where to lick first he slowly leaned over and licked the top of my engorged shaft.Thats it I told him,Thats good.Tasha said do to him what you like me to do to you baby,you can do this.He slowly inserted my dick in his mouth. My dick started to dissapear in his hot mouth inch by inch,until I felt the back of his throat.

Slowly he raised his head and then back down.
Tasha kept coaxing him on,thats it baby suck his dick you're making my pussy hot I love it.He was getting the hang of it now and starting to go even futher down my shaft and I was getting my first blow job by a man,I was liking it to.I started to moan out in pleasure.By now Tasha had put her dripping pussy back in my face but she was turned so she could still watch her old man suck my dick,I felt his hot mouth leave my cock only to be replaced by something hot,I tried to look to see what was going on and to my suprise Johnny was facing Tasha and was sitting over me with my dick in his hand and aiming my dick for his ass.He told Tasha he wanted this for a long time,I felt his asshole start to open up and my dick slip in.With one hand still on my cock his other reach for his wife and he pulled her close and kissed her.

Now I was getting my third fantasy,I sucked my first dick,got my dick sucked by another man,
and now my dick is disappearing in a mans ass,
all in one night.What a night this has turned out to be.I continued to eat Tashas pussy like a hungry man with his last meal on death row. She was riding my tounge and rubbing cunt juice from stem to stern all over my face.I guess seeing her man get a dick in his ass was making her pussy even more excited and wet.Johnny was riding my hard on like a pro now
sliding my dick in and out of his virgin ass really hard.My own excitment was building fast,
I could feel my nuts start to boil and I knew that it was'nt going to be long before I shot my hot thick cum deep in his ass.

Tasha was the first to go.She held on to my shoulders pulling herself harder down on my face,screaming eat my pussy you motherfucker.
Eat my pussy good,I'mmmmmmm cuuuuummmmmin.
Johnny said I'm cummin tooooooooo!!!
well shit thats all it took,I started to push up against his tight ass and eat pussy and I felt my dick start to explode.I'm shooting cum
deep in his ass,cums starting to run down each side of my face and I'm getting cum shot on my stomach.Getting caught was the best night of my life...

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