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I am 52 newly separated from my husband of 32 years. I am here looking for friends and maybe a bit of sexy fun. But before you message me for the fun be prepared to get to know me first I was never a easy lay.

Sexually I am submissive that is not to say I want someone to take advantage of me I am a woman and If I give you that gift I expect that you will take care of me like I was your most precious possession. Any other ideas you might have about true submissives, probably are wrong unless your in the life or have read a lot about true sub/Dom relationships then don't waste your time.

Playing the Dom will get you blocked just be honest you do not need to be a Dom to get a conversation from me. but posers will make me very unhappy.

About my writing I am dyslexic, writing is one way I had for trying to improve myself. I started writing to improve my skills and found that I truly enjoyed it. I have only been doing this for only about 6 months so I still make many mistakes. If you find a mistake I would love to know but please do make it constructive I am trying.

Finally do not ask me for photo's, voice or video chat it will be a resounding no. IF we take it to that step it will be after I feel I know you and can trust you. Sorry but there are a lot of un-trustful stalkerish people out there.

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