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My objective is to write well. I started writing a long time ago with a lot of problems. It hasn't been easy. I wrote children's stories so I could learn. That was a long time ago. I read the stories now and see how they were so cluttered, disjointed and terrible. No one read them but me. I'd lose what the inspiration behind them was and then they didn't make sense at all. I was determined to get better. I kept trying new things and consolidating the little that was good. Eventually I discovered this site and started submitting. I was very hesitant. Id write a story to see how it would look and put it away for months. Then I'd get it out and go through it again. I continued the process until I was happy with the story and then submit. I'll never be a good writer- I'll never have best sellers because the process is so slow. But I will have the satisaction of doing my best. I just want to be able to write and be understood. Better than that and I'm all smiles.

I travel and have done so extensively. I'm a very lucky person

I'm a widow. I lost my wife to cancer. I lost my children too. I have good friends, my determination to write well and a little dog who is very special. I'm now looking to buy a property where I can grow things and be happy. I have thought a lot about it and want to put the ideas to use.

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